About Farmup

Farmup is an urban farming consultancy startup and a social business. Our vision is a city in which farming has become an integrated part of urban development. Our mission is to turn unproductive urban spaces into productive agricultural systems.

Urban Farming

Whereas conventional farming is located in rural areas, urban farming consists in doing agriculture in the city. The advantages of urban farming are numerous:

  1. Logistics are simplified and costs reduced;
  2. Losses through transport and storage are avoided;
  3. Product freshness is at its maximum;
  4. Trust between producer and consumer is strengthened;
  5. Symbiotic relationships with the city can be created;
  6. Carbon footprint is minimal and green jobs are created.

In short, urban farming is sustainable, social and positive for urban development. It does not replace, but rather complement conventional agriculture and it will undoubtedly become the norm of tomorrow.

Check out this infographic for more details:

Benefits of Urban Farming

Benefits of Urban Farming

What We Do

Farmup builds and cultivates farms in the city, bringing the producer close to the consumers. Our farms serve nearby customers, such as restaurants, hotels, developers or business requiring agricultural supply.

Our Farms

Our farms are either built in-house at the consumer’s location (hotel, restaurant, factory) or independently (rooftop, land), strategically located to service consumers within a 1 km radius. Technologies we use are aiming at the safety of our consumers and of the environment as well as resource efficiency, including hydroponics and aquaponics as well as vertical farming. These technologies, combined with the principles of urban farming, contribute to maintaining the highest quality standards for our produce.


One of our farms, situated at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

Our Produce

Farmup’s systems are able to produce vegetables and greens as well as  fish and mushrooms. Importantly, we guarantee the quality of our produce: Farmup farms are environmentally sustainable (no carbon footprint, water saving, space and energy saving), and treatments are non-poisonous to protect the consumer’s health.


Fresh Red Oak lettuce produce at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

Our produce are not certified, because we rely on the proximity of our farms to build a relationship of trust between producer and consumer. Indeed, Farmup is the certification itself. When delivering our products, we guarantee:

✔ zero toxicity: we do not use pesticides potentially harmful for consumers.
zero environmental damage: we use environment-friendly technology.
zero kilometer: our produce traveled less than 1 km and logistics did not generate CO2.
✔ water saving: we use approximately 20% the amount water conventional farming does.


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