How Plants Use Light

Urban farming sometimes require using artificial light for cultivation. This can be because there is not enough sun exposure, because plantations are stacked vertically, or simply because more can be yielded per used surface area.

At Farmup, we are interested in providing environmentally friendly and cost-effective systems. When using artificial light, we use LED growlight. But what is LED growlight? And how do plants in fact use light at all?

Below is a simple infographic introducing the basics:

blue-red light.png

Help Farmup Complete its Pilot Urban Farm in Bangkok

YOU can help make cities become sustainably greener, and here’s how:

Farmup is an urban farming startup: we build urban farms for greener and more sustainable cities. Urban farming consists in farming in the city, bringing farmers close to consumers. Urban farms produce healthy veggies sustainably while making your city a lot greener and much cooler. Find more about Farmup and Urban Farming with this cool infographic.

Last month, Farmup has built its first commercial urban farm in Bangkok! Located at the foot of Siam@Siam our client hotel, the hydroponic farm is producing fresh lettuce right next to the kitchen. This is the product of almost two years of hard work and dedication!

However our work isn’t finished. Because of the shadow cast by the surrounding buildings, we need to upgrade our farm with special lights to help the lettuce grow strong and healthy. Because we are concerned with the environment and sustainability, we will install special power saving LED lights.


With the lights installed, the farm will thrive and our figures are solid: by mid-2016 we will make enough profit to reinvest and expand the farm and start spreading more awesome urban farms in Bangkok and beyond!

We’ve invested all our savings as well as our time and effort and we want to make this happen—and we would really like to see our dream come true. So that’s why we’re counting on you:

With a donation of few dollars, say $10 (what it would cost us to go grab a coffee at Starbucks together and chat about making urban farms), you could help us reach our goal and start changing the world with us. Follow the RocketHub to find out more about how you can contribute:

Think about it: how many times in your life will you have the chance to contribute in building an urban farm? Imagine what it will be like when urban farms will be spread far a wide across the world and you will be able to say “I made it happen”.

It would simply be awesome 🙂    Thank you!